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Learning to write poetry has taught me that

Honesty is not always what it’s cracked up to be.

In the midst of a poem, I round up words into herds

Which I coax into my garage for a little massage

With a finishing coat of obfuscating paint. One can

Is marked FACTS and the other IMAGINATION.

The bucket of imagination always runs on empty

While facts is brimming full. From this confession,

I am ashamed to admit that most of my stuff

Is covered with, well, you know the word, bull!

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I have a can of THINGS I KNOW THAT JUST AREN'T SO that I seem to dip into all the time, often by accident.

On shelves to the left of FACTS, my paint store also has cans marked FEARS, but who the heck wants that in the garage? Only a pro! But I find a little can of WHAT IF is less intimidating than that can of IMAGINATION. Use a dab of WHAT IF and later I find my IMAGINATION can wasn't as empty as it looked.


Interesting concept - cans of FACTS and IMAGINATION - useful in many aspects of life; not limited to poetry writing. Well Done, Glen!😘

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