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Born in 1928, on a cattle ranch in the Ozark Mountains, I joined the Navy at eighteen and became a veteran of World War II.  Feeling unprepared for the world as it looked at twenty, I earned degrees from Notre Dame and Harvard which prepared me for joining the company in 1956 that marketed the first digital computer. For the next forty-five years, I worked at levels from salesman to President and CEO of various companies in the computer industry in the US and England.
Meantime, I got married, had two sons, got divorced, and have, for the past twenty years, lived with my current life partner. This trip was relatively smooth until August 14, 2020, when, in the Hospital for a routine procedure, two medications collided and I experienced a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated some twenty minutes later. Unlike biblical and lay literature on this subject, I did not experience any flashbacks of my life with resolutions to do better next time! The injuries were replete with challenges to relearn how to eat, walk, talk and think. 
I have dwelt on this incident because it is directly related to my creation of this blog.  Recovery has been spotty with some trivial idiosyncrasies like forgetting where the “J” is located on my keyboard, to being unable to master simple equations and do many of the things I ‘used to be able to do’. In some despair, I began writing simple rhythmic phrases, which evolved into a passionate interest in writing poetry.  Whether or not I have been successful at that, I leave to you, dear readers!
PS.  Another residual from the ‘incident’:  I emerged with a new taste for tea.  Thus, the name of my blog.

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