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As I move carefully and cautiously from bed to chair, I am aware that someday I shall fall.

Not from grace, but from a sudden turn to reach for an apple or a bend to pet the dog.

I spent some time this morning learning to tie my shoe in a different way. The left foot is reluctant

To go along with the ship, finding ways to dip and slide from side to side, like a rudder out of control.

Aging has caged me inside my house but my mind is free to scope the landscape for ways to

Escape encroaching senility and the fragility of all my dreams that seem so vulnerable just now.

While all I see will surely cease to be, I am loathe to clothe myself in black for the final act.

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Oct 05, 2021

I really like the rhythms and rhymes in your free verse - it flows so well. I do hope you're enjoying writing these lines, because I really enjoy reading them.😊


Good you're cautious, Glen - falls are a bummer. Take Care😘

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