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The View From Here

Hunkered on a limb 93 years from the trunk of my tree,

I teeter precariously. The slightest wind can send me to

A place adjacent to despair. I long for someone to be there.

My estranged younger brother parts his hair in the middle.

He has yet to decide which side to take. This dichotomy

Haunted his life. He couldn’t decide which wife to marry, which

Ferry to take across the lake. All choices were conditioned on

Fears he couldn’t hear. The static persisted until he resisted

No longer and reclaimed his branch in the tree next to me.

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Jun 19, 2021

Yes, Wink, we were reconciled before he died about ten years ago. Thanks for continuing to read my thoughts! Glen


Praying that this signifies that you and your brother have re-connected. Love ~ Wink

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