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A strange place I yearn to know, lies somewhere beyond my reach.

Inaccessible to the me that knows, accessible to the rest of me

Uplifting beyond the toil of being, it lets my will be still as oceans of strife subside

It can’t be willed, I must wait in a state of calm for it to find its way to me.

It’s a path to tranquility, to the thrill of standing still while winds of joy lift up, up, up

It’s the sound of all I love in celestial harmony calming me.

It’s a place I cannot go, but am taken there on the wings of dreams and music.

I envision it, living beyond reach on a quiet beach where skies are forever blue.

When the tide subsides, seagulls ride the waves. All is well this side of Hell.

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Whoa...very powerful and thought-provoking; many different ideas come to mind. Glen - you're AWESOME 😘

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