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Sound Barrier

We continue to be possessed with the need

for speed. Today’s focus is on how fast we can

pitch a bit of data across infinitesimal distances,

which, without hocus pocus, we do, do and do.

In recent memory, the world was awhirl with the

potential of breaking the barrier of sound. I took an

early flight on the Concorde from JFK to De Gaulle.

The instant, tensely awaited, passed with minor gasps.

For me, memory of the Concorde is high-lighted by

taking a flight that never left the ground! As a storm

imprisoned the sleek plane, the rain put on a gusty

show as ferocious winds pinned the plane to the tarmac.

“Flight cancelled due to high winds.” round one for the

weather! Not to be beaten, the crew served a lunch

on the quivering plane. With champagne to boot,

we didn’t give a hoot about the sound barrier.

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Hmmm... a flight that never left the ground, At least you got champagne and a fun story to tell!


Dec 10, 2022

hocus-pocus awhirl! How I love the little worlds you create xoxooxox

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