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Slow Awakening

Hoping to reap what I had sowed, I was ready to hit the road!

With two diplomas under arm, I felt assured I was armed with

What I would need to succeed. So, I focused on a locus that

Was green with scenes of open spaces and familiar white faces

Un-shadowed by black or brown. Post grad, I was draped with

Some success but over time felt out of rhyme with the racial

Distress swirling around. Awaking too late to play an active role,

But not too late to get my head straight: was I not complicit

With systemic racism not through action but habitual inaction?

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Jul 18, 2021

So many of us are guilty, Glen. You've brought it to light beautifully. Thank you!


Powerful - "habitual inaction" - gives pause about my own action/inaction. Thanks for the prompt, Glen 😘

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