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During my MBA years at Harvard, one of the most articulate

students, and the envy of his classmates, flunked out after

 his first year! Our consternation ignited a quest that wrought

 some instructive conclusions:  He was a genius in verbal

combat, but bereft of the ability to delve deep and create crisp,

incisive analyses.


A clumsy, but hopefully analogues phenom, is the Turtle.


These tiny folk, who can live for one hundred years, are not

the whiz of the forest, nor can they reach more than six

inches above their sheaf of impenetrable shell. Yet there

is no stopping them dead in their clumsy tracks, for this port-

able shield yields protection 24-7 as they waggle laboriously

past the graves of hundreds of fleet-footed, rare, confreres.


I was raised on a remote ranch in the Ozark Mountains where one

of our pearls of wisdom, was: “If the tune don’t fit the fiddle,

yodel”, a common occurrence, particularly during a shivaree.

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