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Our Dog Webster

He arrived in a family of five, all eyes tightly closed

To hold in the night. As they opened, romping began

For all, save him. At first, he appeared slow, then

We began to see he slept more than the rest. At

Day nine we discovered he was blind. But nature

Reminds us, while it may take time, its care can be

Sublime. What was missing in his sight was far from

A plight: he balanced being blind with a kind of glee

That all could see. His joie de vivre animated play

Day after day as our awareness of his blindness faded


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2 comentarios

07 mar 2021

Loving, playful, moving, as always. xoxoox

Me gusta
09 mar 2021
Contestando a

Susan: I am honored that you read my poems and even more to get your comment. Thanks Glen

Me gusta
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