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The thirst to know fuels our little ship

that skips unknowable dangers as it posits us on the Island of Aware.

We are human! We can love, strive and dive into the bowels of learning and yearning.

Lofty is not too high for where we can fly!

And fly we do, through school and into the arms of a world awhirl

With options.


The river is swift with little time to scope it out and erase doubt.

We need a hand to hold to make us bold enough to choose:

Introvert, extrovert, stingy, extravagant with love for the boy next door

Or his sister, Mae. What would mother say?

To yourself be true.

Good and bad will accrue with equal velocity

Only you will keep the score.

Only you will be accountable to justify

to yourself what you have done with your borrowed time.

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Aug 06, 2022

Glen, you are getting awfully good at this! Well done!

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