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Nap Time

I happened upon a mishap on a

Country road with a load of

Baby goats. The truck was a

Wreck but the goats were all

Out and about. With the driver

Gone for aid, the goats frolicked

Like kindergartners on parade.

Tiring at last, and disdaining the

Beckoning shade of the trees,

They squeezed their ease in the

Shade of the now familiar truck.

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Jul 02, 2021

Happening upon a mishap! Love this. Once in a workshop a 4th grade girl wrote, "I'm spring with lambs in my field." Wonderful meeting you. Old friends already xoxoxo


Goats are smart to seek shade in the most familiar place. They're also hard working. We've seen many in Sonoma open space for fire mitigation - voracious weed eaters. 😉🐐

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