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My Uncle

My Uncle Hebron had a stutter.

As a boy, I thought it funny

And mocked him from time to time

Until one day he burst into tears

I was saddened quickly, I loved him so

It was then he sat me on his knee

And told me one dark, dark night

In France as he stood watch a

Cannon fired a shot that blew him

Down and when he hit the ground

He was so afraid and it made him

Stutter. Arriving home the doctor

Gave him a new word: Shell Shock.

I loved him more and never more

Made light of the blight he had

Earned doing his job at night.

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May 10, 2021

One more powerful poem, Glen, moving and lyrical, thank you xoxoox Susan


Such a powerful story ... life-lessons-learned. Thanks for sharing, Glen 😘

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