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Memory Mother

“Gladys, have you seen my glasses” echoes across all classes.

Geniuses and asses alike can’t recall if last night’s ball

Turned out to be a brawl or a slow crawl to bed!

Middle age does riddle and fiddle with our little minds.

But Wait! Of late the Telly is selling us a new fix!

“Memory Mother” is a wonder drug that will let you

Be as smug about aging as paging through a book!

Taken twice daily (if you can remember) this

Little pill is guaranteed to help you forget that

You can’t remember, or your money will be

Cheerfully refunded. You will be thrilled to know

That, while we take our own medicine, as a backup

We have set up a system to make sure that we

Know who orders what and that you will not be


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Here's to shared memories via whatever prompts work for you.😘

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