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Walking barefoot on the sandy beach at dusk, Jim and his Lab

Retriever, Romp, cast lengthening shadows on the restless sea.


Jim gave a resigned glance at the headlands where all he ever

needed had receded out of reach again.


They swam most days together on a route a few yards parallel to

 The shore. This morning he dived in and headed, without hesitation,

For open sea.  Romp, on their usual route, gave him, a quizzical look,

then swerved to join him enroute to deep water.


Jim’s plan had been to head immediately to open sea, swimming so far

he would be unable to get back to shore. When he saw Romp following,

he scolded him to stay, but he would not turn back.  


The strain began to show as Romp coughed repeatedly, lagging, glancing

back. Now Jim saw the equation: They both would drown if he did not

turn around. 


That moment righted and reignited his life.  Loving and caring was still

 Within his reach. He sat on the sand and made plans to begin again.

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May 28

Marvelous in every way, dear Glen. This poem goes straight for the heart. Makes me weepy.

Love, Susan

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