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Hospitals are where we go to get better. For some it will

Be a terminal event but that’s not why they went. Visitors

Everywhere! Some conceal the urgent concern that brought

Them there, forcing smiles to hide deep fears that grief is near.

Such concerns will not be shared with their beloved who

are already there pinioned behind the bars of medical protocol.

For some the fright they carry is for themselves. I was in

Hospital Standing in line behind a man in his twenties next

To his father. As they reached the head of the Line, I noticed,

For the first time, a cuddly, overstuffed Teddy Bear tucked

Under the son’s arm. In spite of pleas, from doctors and

Dad he grimly refused to release his bear.

He could not let go of the only friend who had

Seen him through years of crises when medical science

Didn’t have an answer for the scare that brought him there.

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