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These days we can’t see through the Hathorne

Trees Louise planted for privacy, birdsong and

Shade where she recited her Rosary beads,

Seeking Grace in a space beyond the trees.

She needed quiet and beauty to cheer her

Through another year as she withered in

Silent dismay and then one day vaulted over

The trees enroute to a more placid place.

Her grandchildren converted it to a place to play.

Unknown to them, and akin to the Egyptians erecting

Pyramids to honor their forebears, they, with

Hawthorn Seeds as Rosary beads, honored their Grannie.

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Nov 20, 2021

This is lovely, Glen. Apart from the beauty of Louise’s search and final vault (love that) it took me straight back to the lanes and hedgerows full of hawthorne trees and bushes where I grew up. Their blossoms in the spring are glorious.


Nov 19, 2021

Seeking grace in a space beyond the trees. So many beautiful lines here Glen, a marvelous tribute. A Hawthorn tree vs a pyramid, I'll have the tree! A blessing, Much love, Susan


Hmmmm...Hawthorn tree - new to me! I had fun searching and learning about the tree. Thanks for prompting my discovery, Glen.😘

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