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Walking alone in the woods near home, the

Trail leads through a foggy vale where the

Seam between day dreams and reality is slight.

I met my brother walking in the opposite

Direction, near a little pond dotted with lily

Pads and scads of minnows. He had his usual

limp and a bundle of hair under his ear-flap

Cap. Still got the Harley? I asked. Said he did

And that He had just parked it in my garage!

We never had the patience for long conversations,

A habit we had not erased. When I got home,

I peeked in the garage just in case.

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Dec 04, 2021

The "seam between day dreams etc.," line caught my attention too, Glen - really good! I thought you were a bicyclist, not a Harley person...?


Love your phrase " ...where the Seam between day dreams and reality is slight" Well said, Glen!🌗

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