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Coming Out

That fork in the road lay miles ahead, but his other self

Kept a wealth of feelings like a miser hoarding bits of coin.    


The pressure to conform to the norm was growing in

Tandem with his age and each page brought new confusions.


His mindful self was sure the lure towards other boys was

 some kind of ploy he would outgrow with time. But the


years piled up and he continued to sup at the cup marked


It was all resolved when, by chance, he saw a boy at a dance

who emanated a magnetism stronger than his resistance and


he danced with him! Suddenly he knew! And he felt no shame

ln tacking  “A Gay Lives Here”  on his new door to the future!

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Yes...the personal courage to live life authentically - well said, HGH!

Gefällt mir
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