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I was walking in the park just before dark. Kids under ten were

Being tucked in. I saw a boy pulling a toy, not playing, just staying

On the sidewalk so his little red truck wouldn’t get stuck in the leaves

He was crying quietly and disconsolately while wiping his runny nose

With a soggy sleeve. I intentionally crossed his path. Not wanting to alarm,

I spoke and touched his arm. He whirled on me and grabbed my knees.

With a terrific squeeze he seemed pleased to stand in one place while

His heart still raced. It was a relief for him to share his care with me.

He had come to the park with a brother who left him in this place

While still light but now he didn’t know how to get home. We found

It easily and then his story began. He lived with the brother, having

Just lost his mother in Divorce court, adult words he was proud to

Recall unaware of the shadow they cast on him. He had no house

Key but knew how to climb through a window. I waited outside

Until a policeman accosted me on suspicion. I shared with him and

He led me into the house where we found an orange cat lying on

My friend’s side of the bed and, with that comfort, had gone to sleep.

He wasn’t scared, he knew someone that cared would call. The

Phone was cuddled next to his head.

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Nov 26, 2021

Heartbreamovinnd loving, vivid as a movie, thank you

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