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The Dynamics of Love

I was born in a pre-wrap pack marked ‘expedite’.

The Doc hurried off and forget to turn the switch.

Always in a hurry, I scurried thru a bundle of years

before finally shifting gears to acknowledge there


were tulips galore and birds singing hymns in the

sycamore trees.  Meantime, the computer world

was unfurling at a rate that made me dizzy and a

little despondent to find myself, too soon, stumbling


in that No-Turning-Back- Parade headed for the eternal

shade of black on black. If I could turn it back, I would

take a focused crack at learning the push and shove of

 the dynamics of love. The mixture of the two demands


skills that open the doors to explore the universe.

Technical skills will open doors of opportunity but

learning to rub and be rubbed pecks away at the most

 demanding and rewarding of all we humans face in a

race no one, in the end, will win.

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